Checklist for moving

When moving houses, there are a few things you’ll need to do to ensure the process is as easy and smooth as it can be. This checklist can help you with that, assisting with your movement process. 

Before moving: 


Moving your belongings to your new home is undoubtedly the most time-consuming job on your moving day checklist. Packing often takes longer than you anticipate, so get started as soon as possible. Save the boxes from any online shopping you do in the months leading up to your move and use them to pack. Label your boxes by room name to get a head start on unpacking. For example, put all your bathroom items in one box. This makes unpacking easier because you won’t have to open every box to figure out where everything goes. 

Who to notify:  

  •  Your telephone, including mobile phone, and/or TV and internet providers 
  • Mains services for disconnections (gas, electricity, water) 
  • TV license, passport, drivers license, and registration offices 
  • Bank, credit card, store card and insurance companies. 
  • Insurance and private pension schemes 
  • All of your creditors 
  • Your doctor, dentist, optician and vet 
  • Your local council 
  • Local groups you have joined 
  • Your employer 
  • HMRC in order to update records such as income tax, child benefits, National Insurance, Child Trust Fund, student loans, tax credits, VAT registration details, pension, income support, etc. 

You’ll also need to give your new address to lots of other people, including family and friends, online subscription services, and online retailers and grocery delivery services.  

For a small fee, you can take advantage of the Post Office’s Redirection service (link This will make sure any post is forwarded to your new address. 

Things to do: 

  • Clear the loft 
  • Run down the contents of your freezer 
  • Sort out items which are not to be moved 
  • Put garage and garden tools together 
  • Take down all light fittings that you’re keeping 
  • Take down curtains and take up carpets 
  • Arrange carpet fitters for your new home if required 
  • Cancel milk and newspapers 
  • Cancel all rental agreements 
  • Re-route your mail 
  • Find and label keys for your purchaser 
  • Arrange minders for pets and very young children on the day of the move 

On moving day 

  • Prepare overnight bags for your convenience 
  • Prepare valuable items and important documents to carry with you 
  • Collect children’s toys for the journey 
  • Prepare a basic catering pack for arrival in your new home 

After you’ve moved 

  • Consider changing the locks 
  • Have a spare set of keys cut 
  • Check your new home for leaks or damages that weren’t in the original survey 
  • Test all plugs and utilities 
  • Check and submit meter readings to your new provider 
  • Recycle your moving boxes if you don’t need them anymore 

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