Low Deposit Mortgages

How to Secure a Mortgage with a Low Deposit

Owning a home can seem like a distant dream. For first-time buyers, it can be challenging to save up a substantial deposit while keeping track of ever-changing mortgage rates.

However, there’s hope on the horizon. Despite the current market conditions, it’s still possible to secure a mortgage with a low deposit. With the assistance of mortgage brokers and government schemes like First Homes, Lifetime ISA and shared ownership you can still plan to own a home.

Understanding the Challenge:

The first challenge any home buyer must face is the deposit. You should start saving from the very first day when you get the idea of buying a home. House prices are increasing by nearly 6% every year in London. But the good news is with proper planning and advice from a professional you can save towards your deposit.

Secondly maintaining your credit score. A great idea is to contact credit reference agencies to understand what information they hold about you. Lenders also use this information to assess your mortgage application.

However, there are opportunities to help you with the whole process right from the very start by speaking to a Gordon Blair experienced team.

Get Assistance from a Mortgage Broker:

Get a helpful guide when you’re trying to get a mortgage with a small deposit. They help you understand what you need to do and find the best options for you. These professionals offer bespoke advice tailored to individual financial situations, helping buyers understand their options and develop strategies to achieve their homeownership goals. Gordon Blair can help you find mortgage lenders who offer minimum deposit mortgage deals depending on your individual circumstances.

Harnessing the Expertise of Mortgage Brokers:

Brokers act as facilitators between buyers and lenders, leveraging their expertise to navigate the mortgage market effectively. A Broker will introduce you to the type of mortgages and available solutions. There are many options you can use for achieving low deposit offers for example First Homes, shared ownership, Springboard Mortgages, Lifetime ISA, right-to-buy and available government schemes.

But it depends on the buyer’s financial condition which offers you can use. A Mortgage Advisor will help you find suitable options. Professionals can save you time and effort by looking at your financial situation and what you want. Then, they can find mortgage deals and best interest rates that match what you need.

Now you can buy a home with a deposit as low as 1% meaning you can get a 99% mortgage. Contact Gordon Blair Mortgage Brokers to discuss this in detail.

It can be difficult to buy a house in the UK, especially buying in London but it can be achievable with the right guidance. Explore government schemes and lender deals to keep informed about the mortgage market. With determination and smart planning, owning a home in London can be both thrilling and fulfilling.


Securing a mortgage with a low deposit in the UK can feel difficult, but it’s achievable with the right mortgage advice. The Advisor team at Gordon Blair are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and can help you explore government schemes and lender’s mortgage products.

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